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Baluan Sholak DS

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

The Baluan Sholak Palace of Culture and Sports, located in the center of Almaty, invites everyone to mass skating sessions. The Palace was built in 1967, but in 2011 it was reconstructed. For the convenience of visitors there is a skate rental and sharpening room, convenient changing rooms, where you can leave your personal belongings, and a modern food court area. The sports complex also has a spacious parking lot.


(Алматы, Казахстан)

Международный выставочный центр «Атакент-Экспо» предоставляет собой  шесть павильонов на территории КЦДС «Атакент» для проведения выставочных мероприятий, конференций и бизнес форумов. Общая площадь павильонов составляет более 19 000 кв.м. Каждый павильон имеет отдельный вход и грузовые ворота и полностью соответствует всем требованиям современных выставочных технологий.

КЦДС «Атакент» является единственным профессиональным выставочным комплексом в городе Алматы. Выставочный центр расположен в экологически чистой зоне в непосредственной близости от административного и правительственного центра г.Алматы. На территории центра имеется собственная система охраны, две большие парковки для посетителей, въезд для автомобилей на территорию с магистральных городских улиц, кратчайшим путем соединяющих ВЦ «Атакент» с внешними автодорогами, железнодорожными вокзалами и аэропортом. ВЦ «Атакент» создает все современные условия для жителей и гостей города расположив у себя на территории гостиничный комплекс, кафе, рестораны, точки быстрого питания, два торговых центра, кинотеатр, прогулочные зоны

IEC Crocus Expo

(Moscow, Russia)

IEC Crocus Expo

The Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center is one of the largest and most modern exhibition venues in the world, a member of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI in the categories "Exhibition Organizer" and "Exhibition Center".

Crocus Expo annually hosts more than 350 events (exhibitions, fairs, conferences and symposiums, corporate holidays and sports competitions), and the number of visitors exceeds 10,000,000 people a year.

Grand Hotel Wien

(Vienna, Austria)

Vienna is perhaps one of the most stunning cities in Europe with the widest offer of cultural events and entertainment, architectural and historical sights.

IEC "Qaz Expo"

(Astana, Kazakhstan)

A multifunctional business arena for holding major international and national exhibitions, congress events and other large-scale events. The total area is 23,200 sq. m. There is an open parking space with a total area of ​​6200 sq. m. m or 120 m / places that can be used for exhibitions.


The exhibition pavilion is equipped with modern means of communication, engineering networks and convenient access roads. The technical data of the pavilion allows builders to install both standard and exclusive exhibition stands.

About the exhibition center

Korme Ortalygy

(Shymkent, Kazakhstan)

"Korme Ortalygy" - an exhibition center located at avenue. Nursultan Nazarbayev, 10/2, Shymkent, Kazakhstan. The tasks of the exhibition center "Körme Ortalygy" are holding, organizing exhibitions, fairs and various conferences.


KJP Center "Skenderiya"

( Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Sarajevo Fair has been organizing international fair events since 1970, which is why Sarajevo has become known as the "City of Fairs".

Sarajevo Fair today organizes 12 specialized exhibition events on 17,000 square meters of exhibition space. Due to their quality, fair events are of great importance in the economic events of this part of Europe.