We have prepared statistics on visitors based on the results of surveys of visitors of previous real estate exhibitions

Not only the number of visitors is important for us, but also the quality of the audience. We conduct marketing research during each Exhibition in order to be sure that our participants contact with the “right” client.

98% of Exhibition visitors are looking for a property to purchase. The average age of the purchaser is 39 years old; 81% of them have higher education; in 55% of cases, a woman is the initiator of the purchase.
Above market average! The level of auto mobilization among visitors to the Real Estate Exhibition is 70%, which is significantly higher than the average for the city.

A third of the visitors of the Exhibition plan to purchase real estate within six months. 37% of them expect to make a deal within 6-12 months.3% of exhibition visitors intend to buy housing in the next month.

47% of the visitors of the Exhibition have an income of 1 - 1,5 thousand  EUR per month per family. The next largest group (23%) mentioned an income of 2 - 3 thousand EUR. The share of visitors with income above 3 thousand  EUR was significant (almost doubled).


Only 27% of visitors mentioned discounts and bonuses as one of the purposes of visiting the exhibition. The vast majority visited the Exhibition with the purpose of making a competent choice and finding high-quality promising real estate.

45% of visitors will return to the next Exhibition either by completing a semi-annual purchase cycle or by choosing a property for their next purchase.

Real Estate Exhibition visitors prefer spacious apartments. Apartments with an area of 40-60 sq. meters were the key demand in the spring of 2021. Two-room apartments became the most popular according to the number of rooms. The demand for them has overtaken the demand for one-room apartments. The remarkable fact is that a third of the visitors improved their living conditions. Of these, 23% chose an apartment with a larger area, and 11% - with better quality characteristics. 

Demand for apartments in kea ready finished condition decreased by 10% (relative to 2019). Demand for apartments without finishing increased by 7%.

A third of the Exhibition visitors choose a more comfortable and spacious apartment. 47% choose an apartment for themselves. 5% want to change their area of residence. The average planned purchase budget in the spring of 2021 was 50,000 EUR (in the spring of 2019 – 35,000 EUR). 10% of visitors choose an apartment, which costs from 75,000 to 100,000 EUR. 5% are looking for options that cost no more than 100,000 EUR. The share of those who plan to purchase an apartment at the lowest price has decreased by more than 2 times. At the same time, the number of those who plan to purchase an apartment for more than 0,5 million EUR has increased by 20%.

Above the market average! The price expectations of the Exhibition visitors increased by 46% if compared to the spring of 2019. The increase in prices did not lead to a reduction in the area planned for the purchase of an apartment. On the contrary, two-room apartments were on the top in demand; and demand for three-room apartments increased. At the same time, the share of purchasers counting on a mortgage loan has noticeably increased (+22%), and the percentage of urban residents planning on making a one- time payment in cash has decreased (-17%).